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Alexandra Daddario Caught Up In Hotel Tanning Trouble

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Baywatch star Alexandra Daddario was left with a hefty cleaning bill while shooting action movie San Andreas, when staff at her hotel accused the actress of wetting the bed.
The pale star left for work on set the morning after a spray tan and didn’t realize her bed sheets were orange.
“I guess they (cleaning staff) had gone into my room to clean my room and basically I got a phone call from the hotel, saying that I had to pay the mattress sanitation fee or else they were gonna call production and let them know that I had peed in my bed,” she tells U.S. talk show host Harry Connick, Jr.
“I went ahead and paid the mattress sanitisation (sic) fee, because I didn’t want anyone from production hearing this rumor, because that’s a rumor that 50 per cent of people are gonna believe is true.”
Luckily the drama didn’t derail her career and Alexandra went on to reteam with her San Andreas co-star Dwayne Johnson on Baywatch, and now she’s hoping to snag other roles alongside the blockbuster regular, stating, “For me, Dwayne is as close to a god as you get on earth.
“There is something so superhuman about him, even forgetting the fact that he’s so incredibly good looking and strong. He’s just so kind and humble and generous and genuine. Working with him really inspires a great deal of confidence. Everybody tries to live up to his work ethic, so it makes a great work environment.”
Meanwhile, the actress has found another leading man in Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine – she plays his angry ex in the band’s new music video.
Directed by Dave Meyers, the promo for Wait features the singer as a cheating boyfriend trying to win back Alexandra one last time.
The video begins with a shirtless Levine attending his ex’s funeral and placing a scorpion on her stomach as she lies in an open coffin. Daddario keeps disappearing as Adam begs her for one more chance, and in one racy bathtub sex scene, she becomes another girl.

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